How we met…

We connected back in 2013 online and had never met in person. About a year later, after both of us coming to faith around the same time, we ran into each other at The Austin Stone church. That same weekend we went on our first date and John popped the question after a year and a half of dating and four months later we were married!

The Lord has continued to draw us near to Him and has broken our hearts for the lost. In 2015 we began praying for others and sharing our testimonies wrapped around the gospel with our neighbors. We saw a lot of receptivity with prayer and the gospel, which encouraged us to share our faith with the people in our every day lives.


the call to move abroad…

In 2016, God spoke to John and told him that we were to pack up our bags and move to Barcelona, Spain to reach the lost. After John shared this vision with me, I was timid. I had never lived away from home and had two big asks for God. The first ask was that God would heal me of my Arthritis (I’ve had it since the age of three and doctors said there was no cure) and the second ask was to give us a team who would come with us to Spain.

Shortly after praying those two things, God healed me COMPLETELY and brought us a team of two other married couples who have been doing the same ministry in Austin.

Our lives have been completely different than we planned or anticipated, but we wouldn’t want to have it any other way. We are excited for this next adventure Jesus is taking our team on and can’t wait to bring the same hope we have to the people we meet in Spain.