We're Moving to Barcelona!

Before John and I even got engaged, we started doing ministry in lower income areas in Austin and would ask people if there was anything we could pray for them. Austin, being extremely secular, surprised us when person after person said yes to prayer!

About 85% of the people we met said yes to prayer and were interested in us coming back and sharing a story from the true Word of God. We would meet with them and continue to do life together, learning together what it looks like to follow Jesus.

We started to invite people into our home [mainly all my internet friends hehe] and study the Bible together and continued to build a relationship with them. Two years ago, God very clearly told us that we were to pack our backs, sell our belongings and move to Spain to continue the same work.

Towards the end of June last year, we left our corporate jobs to pursue full-time ministry. We continued to labor in Austin and were in constant awe of God moving and changing hearts. We’ve graciously got to witness people all over come to faith: family members, friends, coworkers, and friends in the photography community.

This June we will be moving to Spain with two other married couples who we have been doing ministry alongside the past couple of years. The months leading up to our big move we are working on visa application, making sure all the logistics are in order, doing church trainings, equipping leaders in Austin to take over the ministry, and soaking up time with our loved ones.

God continues to remind us that we can do nothing apart from Him. In this season of transition, God continues to remind me of His faithfulness and despite my circumstances, He is STILL good.

We are so excited to follow the calling He has stirred in our hearts and can’t wait to share more stories of what He is doing in Spain! You can follow along on our adventures & hear how God is moving here! :)

Julia Mann