Gospel Conversations on Instagram

Julia has been running a photography business for about 3 years now and about 98% of her clients come through Instagram. The more she started posting about her faith, the more people would reach out to her- nonbelievers and believers. She started sharing things that God was teaching her, inviting people to bible study/house groups, and asking people how she could pray for them.

In February of 2018, Julia was a part of a FB group of women in the Austin area. One of the gals posted in the group saying she was looking to get plugged into a bible study. Julia commented saying that she was thinking about starting one in her home and got a lot of good feedback. With the 10-12 ladies that reached out, Julia found a common day and gathered them together for a ladies bible group. This group lasted until May of 2018 but much of it disbanded after people got plugged into different churches, went to separate groups to follow their fiances/boyfriends, or fell away. This was about the time that we decided to be the house of peace and host a church in our own home of men and women. Which led to the Church on Rosewood.

In May of 2018, with the ladies that wanted to continue to meet, a few guys that I pulled together, and the Church on Rosewood began. To get more people involved, Julia made an Instagram post on her stories offering that if anyone wanted to come to learn the bible we gathered at our house on Tuesday nights. It’s about 50/50 mix of believers and non-believers that have joined us since inception.

You might be wondering, how do you get to Gospel conversations online? Ask people how you can pray for them on IG Stories. Julia has seen believers and nonbelievers be eager for prayer and will reach out to them via IG message and see how they’re doing. If they’re in the area, Julia will meet up with them for coffee and share her testimony wrapped around the gospel.

She’s also seen that the more real and authentic she is on social media, the more people engage with her content. Since she markets herself as a photographer who loves Jesus, she has been able to connect with, encourage and disciple other women in Austin. Non-believers have reached out to her to know more about Jesus because she shares openly about her struggles and her aim is to point people back to Christ.

  • Create authentic captions that open up for conversation (authenticity is key). Some ideas to share: You can share your testimony wrapped around the gospel, what God is teaching you in this season, what you’re struggling with and what God is teaching you, scripture you read and what God taught you, etc.

  • Offer prayer on IG Stories and follow up with people. Use the “questions” icon to ask your followers how you can pray for them. When they respond, write down their prayer requests somewhere and ask them how they’re doing. If they’re local, ask to meet up for coffee.

  • To the people who are open (green light) meet with one-on-one to share your testimony wrapped around the gospel and a story of who Jesus is. One time when Julia did this, a gal came to faith at a coffee shop, Praise GOD!

    God desires for everyone to know Him and social media is a great platform to make Jesus famous instead of ourselves. Let’s use social media for God’s glory!

Julia Mann